Special sessions will include 4-6 invited papers. These papers should present a cohesive and comprehensive discussion of a relevant topic, consistent with the conference topics. Prospective organizers are invited to submit by e-mail the proposed session title and the extended (two pages) abstracts or the full papers. For the submission of full papers see IMPORTANT DEADLINES. 

The chairs could nominate an invited paper (30 minutes will be allocated for presentation in the session)

The E-session will be organized only for authors that cannot attend the conference based on a motivation request that must be approved by the conference chairs.


A waiver (100% discount) will be given for the organizer of a special session with 6 papers.


Appropriate facilities for posters advertising and products exhibiting will be available. These are specially addressed to the research institutions/centers for their recent and relevant achievements. For more details about this opportunity, please contact the Organizers.






11th International Workshop on Applied Electronics-IWAE'24

Organizers: Mihai Oproescu (mihai.oproescu@upb.ro) and Iana Gabriel (gbiana2001@yahoo.com)


12th International Workshop on Systems Safety & Security-IWSSS' 24



2024 International Workshop on Virtual Ubiquitous and Intelligent Computing (VUICON)

Organizers: Nicu Bizon (nicu.bizon@upit.ro), Bhargav Appasan  and Bharati Ainapure


4th International Workshop on Technology and Materials Engineering - IWTME' 2024

Organizers: Adriana-Gabriela Șchiopu (gabriela.schiopu@upb.ro) and Mohammed Sallah (msallahd@mans.edu.eg)


The 13th Ro-Fr Workshop on Automotive:

Advanced techniques to increase the autonomy of the plug-in electric vehicles - AT2APEV with technical sponsorship of the IEEE Romanian section and IAS Ro&Fr Chapters; Organizer: Nicu Bizon (nicubizon@yahoo.com). The best papers will be selected for the Special Issues in MDPI journals.


International Workshop "Trends and Opportunities in Engineering Career" IWTOEC' 2024

Organizers: Departament of Teacher's training by Adriana-Gabriela Șchiopu, Mihai Oproescu and Ionut Bulgaru



2024 International Workshop on Future Energy Market Based on Advanced Computing and Communication Technologies for Smart Grids (TechEnergy Market) 
Organizers: Nicu Bizon (nicu.bizon@upit.ro) and Florentina Magda Enescu <florentina.enescu@upit.ro>   


2024 International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence of Things for Efficient Energy Generation and Management (AI-Energy)
Organizers: Nicu Bizon (nicu.bizon@upit.ro),  Bhargav Appasani and Florentina Magda Enescu <florentina.enescu@upit.ro>


2024 International Workshop on Advanced Medical Imaging Techniques using Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI-Medical)
Organizers: Nicu Bizon (nicu.bizon@upit.ro) and  Bhargav Appasani 


2024 International Workshop on Emerging Technologies for Future Smart Grids (TechSmartGrid)
Organizers: Nicu Bizon (nicu.bizon@upit.ro) and  Bhargav Appasani 


2024 International Workshop on Modeling, control and optimization methods in engineering-MCOME'24
Organizers: Mihai Oproescu <mihai.oproescu@ecai.ro> and Luminita Mirela Constantinescu <luminita.constantinescu@upit.ro>


2024 International Workshop on IoT, Energy Internet, Blockchain Technology and Smart Contracts-IoT'24
Organizers: Nicu Bizon (nicu.bizon@upit.ro),  Bhargav Appasani and Florentina Magda Enescu <florentina.enescu@upit.ro>


2024 International Workshop on Hybrid power systems and migrogrids-HPS&Mg'24
Organizers: Nicu Bizon (nicu.bizon@upit.ro) and Mihai Oproescu <mihai.oproescu@ecai.ro>


2024 International Workshop on Hydrogen and fuel cell applications-HyFC'24
Organizers: Nicu Bizon (nicu.bizon@upit.ro) and Mircea Raceanu <mircea.raceanu@icsi.ro>


2024 International Workshop on Electric and hybrid vehicles-EHV'24
Organizers: Nicu Bizon (nicu.bizon@upit.ro) and Mihai Oproescu <mihai.oproescu@ecai.ro>


2024 International Workshop on Embedded Systems-EmbSy'24
Organizers: Laurentiu. Ionescu <laurentiu.ionescu@upit.ro> and Alin-Gheorghita Mazare <alin.mazare@upit.ro>



E-session information


The e-session sections of the ECAI 2024 Conference take place through the SKYPE platform.


The time of the sections is Romanian time: https://www.thetimenow.com/romania


For the authors participating in the E-session, the connection links are:

E-SESSION I - June 27th 15:30-17:00        https://join.skype.com/CUvv8l1ucZTd
E-SESSION II - June 27th 15:30-17:00       https://join.skype.com/N3tfM44UPvKq
E-SESSION III - June 27th 15:30-17:00      https://join.skype.com/GBt7yL6zhFvf
E-SESSION IV - June 28th 11:30-14:00      https://join.skype.com/GpRJYxjD1huO
E-SESSION V - June 28th 11:30-14:00       https://join.skype.com/LYB9IVticeQR
E-SESSION VI - June 28th 11:30-14:00      https://join.skype.com/CMzsCA4k9IMY
E-SESSION VII - June 28th 11:30-14:00     https://join.skype.com/Cd1mFS43lfLl
E-SESSION VIII - June 28th 11:30-14:00    https://join.skype.com/FsmzjNJYJwB1 






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