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International Workshop on Technology and Materials Engineering
IWTME' 2022

Sigla DFMI




ECai workshop - 23.03_v1


On the ECAI-2022 conference, individual sections can be organized, with the possibility to become a co-organizer. A section must include at least 6 papers. Each section can propose a keynote speaker.


All accepted papers, regardless of section, will be sent to IEEEXplore and ISI WoS indexing. If a section does not attract the minimum number of papers, but the proposed ones are accepted following the review process, they will be published and sent for indexing.


The publication / participation fee is 75 euros for teachers. If the first author is a PhD, the fee is 62.5 euros. These fees are settled, according to the procedure for settling the publication expenses applied at UPIT level.


The papers are fully loaded, until April 5, 2021. No pre-registration with abstract is required. The papers proposed in sections must be found in the following topics:


Organizers:     Manufacturing and Industrial Management Department



prof. univ. habil. dr. Adriana-Gabriela PLAIASU

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  1. Aerospace
  2. Bioengineering
  3. Communication, Networking & Broadcasting
  4. Components, Circuits, Devices & Systems
  5. Computing & Processing (Hardware/Software)
  6. Engineered Materials, Dielectrics & Plasmas
  7. Engineering Profession
  8. Fields, Waves & Electromagnetics
  9. General Topics for Engineers (Math, Science & Engineering)

10. Geoscience

11. Nuclear Engineering

12. Photonics & Electro-Optics

13. Power, Energy, & Industry Applications

14. Robotics & Control Systems

15. Signal Processing & Analysis

16. Transportation

For the organized sections you have to propose reviewers, respectively chair-man. The papers are managed through the easychair platform. Any advertising materials of the co-organizer can be published on the site and in the documents elaborated on the occasion of the conference.

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