Selecting and Registering for the Electronic Presentation “E-sessions”

  • You have an accepted final paper uploaded to the website.
  • You select E-sessions presentation in the participation questionnaire.
  • You must register for the Conference and pay the special E-sessions fee (100 EURO). You may present no more than two of your papers in this venue. E-sessions Registration is NOT Conference registration -- this does not purchase a Conference Badge. If you also want to attend the Conference, you MUST separately register for attending the Conference.
  • You prepare and test your Audio/Visual PowerPoint presentation in the English language and with the required audio track.
  • The Skype account for E-sessions presentations is ecai.conference

Preparing your voice-narrated E-sessions

  • Prepare your PowerPoint presentation using the Office 2007 version or newer . Saving your file as a .ppt or .pptx powerpoint presentation file type.
  • Keep your E-sessions presentation to a maximum of 15 minutes total length;
  • Format the presentation to meet the dimensions of our wide format monitors by either (a) Changing the Page Width under "Page Setup." to 14 x 8.5 inches (16x9/10 ratio), or (b) Using the E-sessions template provided;
  • Please keep photos at 72 dpi to reduce overall file size.
  • Set slide for automatic transitions to next page.
  • Attach a reasonably good microphone. No hiss. Hiss is created by increasing the gain on the recording or if using a laptop built-in mic, not speaking loud enough into the microphone directly.
  • Go to "Slide Show" Menu, select "Record Narration" & follow the instructions.
  • Proceed through the slides, recording your voice. Click left mouse button when the slide has been voice annotated & displayed for the desired length of time.
  • When you finish recording on your final slide, click the mouse & the pop-up window will ask if you want to record the timings, click YES.

Recording Suggestions

    • PLEASE do not READ the text on the slide; but instead present your detailed thoughts and finding in your speech, and the text on the slide, should only be your KEY POINTS.
    • When Completed
    • Play your presentation - If not good, re-record until satisfactory.
    • Do not password protect or lock the file as some minor modifications may be necessary to present your file at the E-sessions (unlocked with full privileges).
    • You upload your PowerPoint file to  If your presentation is over 15 Mb in size, please winzip, .rar, your file before uploading.  This will allow safe and complete file transfer.