In attention of the ECAI sponsors and potential organizers of products (posters) exhibitions:

You can support this event through the following types of activities:

1. Sponsorship of social programs (which includes a trip in Arges county or adjacent counties); bank accounts are specified on the conference site; upon request, we will send the sponsorship form.
2. Organizing a presentation stand (brochures, product, function demonstration, etc.). The fee is set by the 800 RON/m2 (1000 RON/m2 - if monitoring lies in our task during the breaks). For our employees / traditional partners of our faculty / university may be granted reductions.
3. Direct sponsorship of event related activities such as: organizing some activities from social programs (gala dinner, advertising in media, publishing of the ECAI proceeding, organizing technical visits / travel, etc.).
4. Participation in ECAI conference of specialists from companies/institutes.