Young Researchers session


Cosmina Mihaela Rosca, Nicolae Paraschiv


Frequency sampling algorithm applied in microwave measurements based on step-size control method


Bogdan Gavriloaia, Radu Vizireanu, Octavian Fratu, Cristian Barca, Constantin Mara, Petre Anghelescu


Design of Multi-band Microwave Filter with Asymmetric Polygonal Microstrip Loops


Bogdan Constantin Neagu, Gheorghe Grigoras, Florina Scarlatache


Power Losses Estimation in Harmonic Polluted LV Distribution Networks with a Fuzzy Approach


Andrei George Florea, Cătălin Buiu


Synchronized dispersion of robotic swarms using XP colonies


Ion Bogdan Andrei, Nicu Bizon


Performance evaluation of five PWM modulation strategies applied to spread the power spectrum of the power converters


Bogdan-Adrian Enache, Florin-Marian Bîrleanu, Marin Răduț


Modeling a PV panel using the manufacturer data and a hybrid adaptive method