Poster session

Badre Bossoufi, Hala Alami Aroussi, Silviu Ionita, Luminita-Mirela Constantinescu

Speed Control for PMSM Drive System Using Predictive Control

Cristian Andrei Badea, Horia Andrei, Alexandru Gonciariuc and Emanuel Rus

Predictive Methods to Increase Energy Efficieny in Processes of Wastewater Treatment

G. Carutasu, M. A. Botezatu, C. Botezatu, M. Pirnau

Cloud Computing and Windows Azure

Simona-Vasilica Oprea, Adela Bâra, George Căruțașu, Alexandru Pîrjan

Prosumers’ Renewable Small-Size Generation Forecasting Analyses With ARIMA Models

Ioana Diaconescu, Roxana Patrascu, Luiza Grigorescu, Eduard Minciuc

Energy Efficiency Aspects of Urban Waste Recovery

Aurel-Dorian Floarea, Valentin Sgârciu

Smart Refrigerator - A next generation refrigerator connected to the IoT

Omar Abdulwahabe Mohamad, Rasha Talal Hameed, Nicolae Ţăpuş

Improved Performance of Energy Consumption In Wireless Sensor Networks Based on ZigBee Transceiver Protocol

Jakub Sorocki

Low-Loss UWB Bandpass Filters Using Composite Right/Left-Handed Unit Cells

Claudiu Pirnau, Mihail Titu, Liviu Rosca

The integration of information technologies in the knowledge based organizations

Marius Enulescu

Communications based train control with Ad-hoc networks

Marius Enulescu

Track circuit with SIMO

Bogdan Doicin, Marian Popescu,Cristian Patrascioiu

PID Controller Optimal Tuning

Maria Viorela Muntean, Alexandru Donea

A Hybrid Intelligent Agent based Expert System for user location using GPS Data

Mehmet Celalettin Ergene, Akif Durdu, Halil Cetin

Imitation and Learning of Human Hand Gesture Tasks of the 3D Printed Robotic Hand by Using Artificial Neural Networks

Gabriel Oprea, Horia Andrei

The optimization of energy consumption for an industrial consumer

Adela-Gabriela Husu, Mihail-Florin Stan, Nicolae Fidel, Cosmin Cobianu, Horia Andrei

Analysis of Economic and Energy Efficiency for the Grid-Connected PV Systems

Cosmin Cobianu, Mihail-Florin Stan, Nicolae Fidel, Adela-Gabriela Husu

Case Study Concerning to the Radiation Levels Emitted by Mobile Phones on the Human Body

Ilona Piekarz

Microstrip UWB Vivaldi Type Antenna for Operation in C and X Bands

Florina Scarlatache, Gheorghe Grigoras and Bogdan Neagu

Decision Making Methodology Based on Fuzzy Logic in Optimal DG Location

Bhagyashri Sonkusare, Atul Kumar Sahai, Gourang Mulay, Rajib Chattopadhyay, Vinaya Gohokar

Improved performance of Multi-model Ensemble through the bias correction based on ANN technique

Petr Pichlík, Jiří Zděnek

Train Velocity Estimation by Extended Kalman Filter

Yasin Kabalci, Ersan Kabalci

The Low Cost Voltage and Current Measurement Device Design for Power Converters

Vicu Straticiuc, Irina Nicolae, Rodica Strungaru, Mihaela Ungureanu

A preliminary study on the effects of music on human brainwaves

Alexandru Ene, Cosmin Stirbu

A Java application for the failure rate prediction using feed forward neural networks

Barca Cristian, Barca Claudiu, Cucu Cristian, Gavriloaia Mariuca-Roxana, Vizireanu Radu, Fratu Octavian, Halunga Simona

A Virtual Cloud Computing Provider for Mobile Devices

Altan Gencer

Modelling and analysis of operation PMSG based WECS under different load conditions

Alexandru Ene, Andrei Ene

A foreign language vocabulary learning software application

Silviu Teodoru

System Solution for Gas Consumption Monitoring

Beibei Zhu, Xiaoyu Wu, Lei Yang, Yinghua Shen

Automatic detection of books based on Faster R-CNN

Gabriela Bucur, Adrian Moise, Ion Pana, Dragomir Orhei

Integrating PLCs in Automatic Systems for Dimensional Inspection

Mirel Stanica, Man Ion, Mihai Opoescu

The analysis of open loop and the working mode stepper motor at different frequencies

Carmen-Silvia Oprina, Mihai-Octavian Dima, Otilia Cangea

Modulation Recognition of RF Carriers Using Neural Networks

Niculina Badalan, Constantin Ropoteanu, Cristina Marghescu

Investigation of Heat Dissipation Limits for High Power LEDs

Ioana Roxana Dragomir, Marilena Lazar

Generating and testing the components of a block cipher

Maria Viorela Muntean, Raul Boldea        

Intelligent Agents based Improved Map-Reduce Method for Multiple Databases

Leila Graini, Kaddour Saouchi, Silviu Ionita, Grigore-Adrian Iordachescu

Optical Similaritons in Optical Communication Systems

Robert Alexandru Dobre, Cristian Negrescu

Automatic Music Transcription Software Based on Constant Q Transform

Liviu Serbanescu, Madalina Mihailescu

Software Architecture For Inventory Management Of Stock Parts Based On Informations Retrievel

Mihaescu Mihai

Design and implementation of a multiport power converter 2-inputs & 1-output