International Workshop on Trends and Opportunities in Teaching Career - IWTOTC


Adriana Lazar


Suggestions on Introducing CLIL in Primary Schools


Adriana Lazăr, Claudiu Langa


Related Review of Theories Developed on Using CLIL in Primary Schools in Romania


Claudiu Langa, Floretina Dumitru


Perspective of the Romanian remigrant students on the process of adapting to the Romanian school


Georgiana Dumitru


The teachers’ perceptions concerning the difficulties met in teaching and types of adopted solutions


Zdzislaw Polkowski, Julian Vasilev, Dariusz Zajac, Lidia Florina Arnautu


A content analysis of existing educational portals for teaching data warehouse and business intelligence


Florin Tecau


The Stimulation of the Critical Thinking of the Engineers Students


Florin Tecau


Educational Pyramid


Ionut Bulgaru


Knowledge of the affective-sympathetic relationships between the members of the educational group


Ionut Bulgaru


School Organizational Culture


Sofia Loredana Tudor


A Teaching Approach of the Digital Competence into the School Curriculum


Sofia Loredana Tudor


The role of non-formal and informal education in competences training - transversal competences


Emanuel Soare


Situation-centred Approaches in Postmodern Curriculum Design


Savulescu Corina, Polkowski Zdzislaw, Dutta Nitul


Collaborative Data Management for Business - A review of collaborative techniques


Ciprian Lapusan, Olimpiu Hancu, Ciprian Rad, Liliana Dache, Vistrian Maties


Integrated learning platform based on Lego NXT and Matlab for teaching mechatronics