International Workshop on Applied Electronics - IWAE


Ayse Kocalmis Bilhan, Abuzer Caliskan, Sencer Unal


Simulation Of A Photovoltaic Panels By Using Matlab/Simulink


Necmi Altin, Ertan Ozturk


Maximum Power Point Tracking Quadratic Boost Converter for Photovoltaic Systems


Jose Antonio Ramos-Hernanz, Jose Manuel Lopez-Guede, Ekaitz Zulueta-Guerrero, Fernando Oterino-Echavarri, Nicu Bizon, Andres Larrea


Study of the behavior of the Incremental Conductance algorithm for MPPT


Iana Vasile Gabriel, Ionita Silviu, Ionescu Valeriu


System for interpreting the characteristics of metal objects based on signal acquired from a magnetic loop antenna


Adrian Beteringhe, Ion Sima


A New Chemometric Tool to Predict the Boiling Points of some Cycloalkanes


Kanyalag Phodong , Rachada Kongkachandra


Improvement of Word Alignment in Thai-English Statistical Machine Translation by Grammatical Attributes Identification


Mihai Oproescu, Marian Raducu, Luminita Mirela Constantinescu


Evaluation of the performance of new Extremum Seeking Control algorithm to locate accurately the peaks on multimodal functions


Ioan Cristian Hoarca, Nicu Bizon


Performance of the Global MPPT Algorithms – a brief overview and case studies


Mihai Catalin Arva


First stage analysis on determining the Signal Quality Coefficient in vibro-acoustic domain  - Waveform integrity analysis


Mihai Catalin Arva


Second stage analysis on determining the Signal Quality Coefficient in vibro-acoustic domain - Frequency domain analysis


Radut Marin, Nicu Bizon


Determining the power generated by the  Photovoltaic Window blinds tilted at different angles for vertical and horizontal orientations