Electronic Circuits & Equipment - session


Luiza Grigorescu


The Errors Study of the Second Order Current-Mode RC Oscillators


Luiza Grigorescu, Ioana Diaconescu


Theoretical And Experimental Research On The Current-Mode RC Oscillators


Milan Stork


Fractional-Order Oscillator Control


Emre Hasan Dursun, Akif Durdu


Position Control by using PD Type Fuzzy Logic: Experimental Study on Rotary Servo System


Pavel Karlovsky, Radek Linhart, Jiri Lettl


Sensorless Determination of Induction Motor Drive Speed Using MRAS Method


Anisia Culea-Florescu, Dorel Aiordachioaie


Some Results on Change Detection Based on Advanced Signal Processing Paradigm


Siro Boris, Marius Olteanu


A methodology for determining commutation quality indicators when using a PWM power source for an electric drive


Gheorghe Serban, Gabriel Vasile Iana, Petre Anghelescu


Fault detection of direct radiator loudspeaker systems by phase characterisation


Ioan Lita, Daniel Alexandru Visan, Ion Bogdan Cioc, Alin Gheorghita Mazare, Rodica Mihaela Teodorescu


Indoor Environmental Parameters Monitoring for Building Automation Systems


Yasin Kabalci, Ersan Kabalci


A Low Cost Smart Metering System Design for Smart Grid Applications