Control, robotics and mechatronics - session


Ion Pana, Florinel Dinu, Gabriela Bucur


Analysis of a filter used in the natural gas gathering system - Recommendation on the measuring of the pressure drop


Baiesu Alina-Simona, Carbureanu Madalina


Internal Model Control for Wastewater pH Neutralization Process


Sanda Florentina Mihalache, Marian Popescu


Development of ANFIS Models for PM Short-term Prediction. Case Study


Cristian Patrascioiu, Cao Minh Ahn


Characterization and Control of the Distillation Column with Heat Pump


Serket Quintanar-Guzman, Somasundar Kannan, Miguel A. Olivares-Mendez, Holger Voos


Lightweight robotic arm actuated by Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) Wires


Popa Cristina, Alexandru Popa


Improving FCC Plant Performance with Model Reference Adaptive Control Based on Neural Network