Bio-medical applications session


Mengjia Yan, Yurou Duan, Siqi Deng, Xiaoyu Wu, Wenjia Zhu


Facial beauty assessment under unconstrained conditions


Stefan Miruna I. E. Nicolae, R. Strungaru G. M. Ungureanu


Efficient tracking of ERD based on the adaptive identification of the subject's reactive band


Rasha Talal Hameed,Omar Abdulwahabe Mohamad, Omar Talal Hamid, Nicolae Ţăpuş


Patient Monitoring System Based on e-health Sensors and Web Services


Ștefan-Radu Bala


Correlation of electroencephalographic potentials in biofeedback techniques with subjective patient’s reactions in elaboration of wellness patterns for medical analysis


Rasha Talal Hameed, Omar Abdulwahabe Mohamad, Nicolae Ţăpuş


Healthcare Monitoring System for Fetal Electrocardiogram Using Least Mean Square Based Adaptive Noise Canceling Approach